Boat Maintenance

Taking care of your boat is one of the most important responsibilities of a ship owner.

Regular maintenance ensures the continued reliability of the equipment and the boat. It ensures longer engine life, prevents osmosis, prolongs the life of the polyester (especially gel-coat), and increases resale value in the future.

Because this maintenance must be carried out all year round, at Euronáutica Calpe we offer you the dry marine service, where we take care of your boat, without you having to travel to do so.



The maintenance of the hull of your boat, especially the bottom, is very important. It helps to prevent osmosis and protects against the marine growth of algae and shells. It also improves the efficiency of its engines and reduces fuel consumption.

We have complete service packages that include the launching of the boat, cleaning of bottoms and tails, and antifouling for all these elements.


Polishing and waxing hull

On the coast, during the summer months UV radiation levels are very high, and this causes enamels and paints to degrade and lose their shine. Gel-coat and wood need to be cleaned and nourished regularly. We use a wide variety of brands and products for polishing and waxing any surface, as well as oils and varnishes for wood treatment.



The engine is the most important element of the boat, without propulsion there is no movement. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the needs and care of this equipment, respecting the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding periodic maintenance as well as the replacement of components that are necessary for optimal operation.

We have all the special tools to carry out the repairs that are necessary, as well as the certifications required to be able to offer service guarantee of the brand.

We are the official distributor of Mercury outboard motors and Mercruiser and Volvo Penta Dealer inboard motors.


Gel-Coat Restoration and Repair

Accidents happen more often than we would like and it is well known that it is difficult to avoid small blows and scratches on the hull of your boat. The bottom is exposed to very harsh conditions and subsequently suffers general damage to the fibreglass and Gel-Coat as a result of sea sediments. At Euronáutica Calpe we have a team of professionals for the inspection, repair and solution of these problems.


Painting the hull can transform the appearance of your boat significantly, and prolongs its good condition. At Euronáutica Calpe we paint traditional wooden hulls, steel hulls and Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) using the best marine paints on the market.

If your boat has a worn look and needs a complete repaint, we can help.

Nautical Carpentry and Stainless Steel

Your boat requires regular maintenance of the stainless steel, aluminium and wood elements to keep it in optimum condition.

We offer a complete nautical carpentry service for your boat. From the replacement of the teak deck to structural repairs. We also provide hardware, accessories and spare parts in stainless steel and aluminum.

Bathing platform

The bathing platform is the element at the stern that allows us to access the boat comfortably when taking a bath. It also beautifies the lines of your boat and totally transforms the way you enjoy your yacht.

We have prefabricated bathing platforms or we manufacture them to measure, in teak finish, non-slip or the surface you want. We also offer service and installation of hydraulic platforms, which offer greater versatility.

Upholstery and Biminis

Upholstery and fabrics are the boat’s most delicate accessories. We can transform the interior of your boats, from reupholstered seats to new carpets in- and outside. Protect yourself from the sun with our custom biminis, with an extensive catalogue of materials and designs.

Likewise we renew the vinyl and graphics worn by the sun with a set of new and modern designs.


Winter storage

Do you have a boat? Don’t know where to leave it in the months you won’t be using it?

We have installations with more than 13,000 m² prepared to store up to 350 boats indoors or outdoors, with maximum lengths of up to 17 meters. We also have winter storage packs to keep your boat in perfect conditions in the months you do not use it and prepare it for the next season. This way you don’t need to worry about anything but going out to sail and enjoy the sea.

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