Boat Transport Service

Euronautica’s boat transport service has been helping yacht owners alike, transporting all types of boats by road for the last twenty-eight years.

Today, most of our clients and ports rely on our services as the first point of contact for transport to any peninsular or European destination.

We have moved all kinds of boats, from all kinds of places to destinations throughout the peninsular territory and Europe. Our vehicles provide a safe platform for the road transport of yachts, motor cruisers, pleasure boats and work boats.

We have our own truck with which we can transport boats of up to 12 tonnes of displacement and up to 16m in length. For larger displacements or lengths we can subcontract the service with carriers of our entire confidence.

We also transport by sea from the Costa Blanca and the Balearic Islands to the port of your choice.

At Euronáutica we treat all boats as if they were our own. We are proud of this!

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