Consultancy and Management for Boats

Registration and Management

The registration of our boat is what stipulates the legality of it and belonging to a country. To do so, it must be included in the corresponding register.
This will be possible if the documents required to be registered are presented.

From Euronáutica we manage, process and advise our clients on the documentation required for the purchase-sale of their boat, and updating of documents.

  • Registration of boats
  • Flagging
  • Transfer of ownership
  • Change of name, engine and list
  • Technical Inspection of Boats
  • Change of category
  • MMSI and LEB Application
  • Duplicates of Documents

Boat Insurance

In Euronáutica we are agents of Mapfre Seguros. We offer our clients the possibility of contracting the best insurance to cover the needs of their boat, new or second hand, at a good price.

From a civil liability insurance, to an all risk with or without excess with assistance at sea included (Towing).

  • Pneumatics
  • Semirigid
  • Jet skis
  • Fishing and recreational
  • Boats
  • Cruisers
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