Boat Rental

Renting a boat is an economic way to fully enjoy the sea and its coasts. Enjoy a day at sea in any of the coves of our area, or simply the pleasure of sailing with family or friends. We have 6 aluminium boats with central console and 3 Whalys boats with 15 CV (suitable for sailing without a licence).

We move our base to Marina Greenwich in Altea. In this way we centralize our rental service in one place.

The boats are equipped with safety equipment and an awning, ready for use and make you enjoy a day of sea and sun. Before going out to sea, we will give an introduction in the handling of the boat and the rules of navigation.

Our Fleet of Boats for Rent

available 4 Barcos

****Licence required, except for Whaly boats. ****

If you do not have a licence, please contact Euronáutica. After a one-day course you can obtain the RYA certificate or the Navigation License (Titulín).

Prices include insurance, mooring and VAT.

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